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Groceries - Dried fruits

Dried Cranberries - 200 gr 25% off 35k

Canggu Shop
Dried cranberries is very popular to mix with any kind of nu...
IDR 26,000

Dates, pitted - 200 gr

Canggu Shop
Dates are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and the essent...
IDR 25,000

Raisins - 200 gr 25% off 20k

Canggu Shop
Raisins or dried grapes it's good to be eaten raw, or as add...
IDR 15,000

Sultanas - 200 gr

Canggu Shop
Sultanas is actually seedless dried green grapes, it is soft...
IDR 35,000

Prunes, pitted - 200 gr

Canggu Shop
Prunes pitted is very good are great for snacking or cooking...
IDR 34,000

Dried apricot - 200 gr

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With natural beauty orange colored of the apricots, it's eas...
IDR 42,000

Gojiberries - 200 gr 50% off 84k

Canggu Shop
Goji berries are native fruits from China, have been used in...
IDR 42,000